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Not a Frequently Asked Questions Page

Technically this is a “frequently asked questions” page, but since these aren’t questions people ask me online, let alone in day to day life, this is a NAFAQ, representing questions that a visitor would probably ask.

Where did the name “TehTotalPwnage” come from?

Back in seventh grade, when my programming interests were still developing but not necessarily fully realized, much of my priority was less on server administration and more on “seventh grade priorities”.

To put it mildly, outside of school and my extracurriculars, my focus was on gaming. My username changed multiple times over the course of middle school, but “TehTotalPwnage” eventually stuck.

Why am I still using the name “TehTotalPwnage”?

For starters, it’s probably easier to just type out TTP. Next, I stuck with this name because it’s a reference back to my seventh grade days. Even though a lot of it was spent playing games, those games were the ultimate motivation for me to pursue programming, engineering, and other fields.

The days building factory setups in FTB led to my interest in the sciences and engineering, my time trying to write Minecraft mods led to my interest in programming applications with real world uses, and my time spent on games such as Civilization V motivated my interest in history and other humanities.

Obviously it’d probably be better to use a more revised name. When April rolls around, which is when this domain is due for renewal, I’ll probably ending up revising the name to TTPCodes, my first revision to my online presence since the eighth grade.