Status Bar

Aside from the work I already complete at school, I also have quite a few programming projects that I pursue in my free time.

The projects listed on this page are divided into three categories: My Projects (self explanatory), Contributions (contributions that I’ve made to other open source projects), Abandoned Projects (also self explanatory), and Miscellaneous Projects (those not qualifying as programs but fall in the general category of just being a project I maintain).

My Projects

Key Club Interface – A simple frontend for volunteer club management functions.

Music.PHPAn open source music streaming platform built on Laravel.


jsmediatagsMedia Tags Reader (ID3, MP4, FLAC)

Abandoned Projects

(SelfBot.js) HiraethBotDead project. Intended to be a Java Discord selfbot. May be revisited in the future.

HiraethBot-PyA Discord bot coded in Python specifically for the Hiraeth private Discord server.

Miscellaneous Projects

Launchpad PPA – A PPA for self packaged software. Current project(s) on the PPA include:

  • cavaConsole-based Audio Visualizer for Alsa (MPD and Pulseaudio)